Meet the Dietitians



Ashley Bade RD, LDN, CNSD


Nutrition Motto: “I’m a dietitian because I like food, not because I like diets.”

By age 8, Ashley had sampled nearly every chicken finger/tender or nugget in New England. Her favorite “vegetables” were popcorn and potato chips. Her “green” foods included mint chocolate chip ice cream and green M&M’s. Now, Ashley is a successful pediatric dietitian practicing in the Greater Boston Area, showing that even pickiest of eaters can be converted. Ashley counsels newborns to young adults,with specialty areas including weight management, disordered eating, infant feedings, failure to thrive and non-diet approach to lifelong healthy eating.

Ashley hopes to help families overcome the struggles of today to raise the healthy eaters of tomorrow.




Leslie Judge MS, RD, CSO, LDN

Leslie Judge MS, RD, CSO, LDN


Nutrition Motto: “Whole foods make me happy.”

Leslie is a busy modern mom. She divides her life between work, as a registered dietitian at a local cancer center and home, where she spends time with her husband and their two boys. She specializes in nutrition for cancer prevention including healthy weight management and a non-diet approach to weight loss. In her life away from work, she has a personal interest in helping other modern moms and their families live nutritionally balanced lives in a realistic way. Leslie knows first hand how chaotic the week can be and is focused on providing ideas for healthy eating that are convenient, smart, tasty and modern.

Leslie spends lots of time with other moms and knows the nutrition questions we all want answered (How am I supposed to eat well when I don’t even have time to shower???). Personally, she knows all about picky eaters, tantrums, food jags, and the rest of the food drama that comes with modern mommy-hood. She is excited to share her nutrition tips for eating well, finding balance and living life as a modern mom.

Our Mission

Here at Honest Mom Nutrition we strive to help moms navigate the ever-changing world of nutrition by providing expert advice and real-life tips. By separating nutrition fact from fiction, we hope to make raising a healthy family fun and stress free.